C&C 33 "Ruffian"

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Race Name

Nantucket Gold Regatta, June 7-8


New York Yacht Club 143rd Annual Regatta, June, 20-21


NBYRA Spring Regatta, June 21, Rhode Island YC


Block Island Race Week, June 21-29


20 Hundred Club: Ty Cobb Race, Newport to Cuttyhunk, July 5


Sail Newport Regatta, July 18-20

Rescue at Sea

NBYRA Summer Regatta, July 26, Bristol RI

20 Hundred Club: Block Island Race, August 9-11

NBYRA Fall Regatta, August 24

20 Hundred Club: Prince Henry Race, September 6

Hospice Regatta, September 13

20 Hundred Club: Fall Race, September 20

NBYRA Winter Regatta, September 27-28

Sailing Pictures

The motley Cru

Hang on Jeff!


The Skipper (arrrggghh, Your mother's a man!)

Ned & the other woman


Ruffians pluck two from the Bay in Rescue at Sea

(film at 11)

Dateline July 20, 1997, Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island.

While sailing downwind with spinnaker in 15 to 20 knots of wind, the crew of Ruffian responded to cries of help from a couple in life jackets being swept out to sea by the current. When asked "Are you OK?" to our surprise they answered "No!". So we asked "Do you need Help?" and once again to our surprise they answered "Yes!".

The Ruffians sprang into action. With impressive seamanship they dropped the spinnaker, main and started the motor. Crewman Sandy got rope burns on her hand during the effort. Once underway they noticed a sailboat whose rudder was fouled on a lobster pot with a couple on board waving frantically. Ruffian hailed and determined that this was the yacht the couple adrift had come from. Ruffian motored up to and alongside the couple in distress, and hauled them aboard.

The couple adrift was reunited with the older couple on the boat and two Ruffian boarded the fouled yacht and assisted in their liberation from the lobster pot.

Ruffian retrieved her crewmen and sailed off into the sunset.(with several stiff drinks in hand)

Editors note: It's a rare day when you can witness seven individuals work together so flawlessly under pressure to accomplish a common goal. It's events like this that make a difference in the world.

To a job well done.