C&C 33 "Ruffian"

C & C Yachts



Race Name

NBYRA Summer Regatta 7/13-7/14

Anybody remember?

20 Hundred Block Island 8/10-8/12


NBYA Fall Regatta 8/24-8/25


Around the Island Race 9/1


20 Hundred Club Prince Henry 9/7


20 Hundred Club Charl Dickerson 9/21


Hopsice Regatta West Bay 9/28

Socks blown off

Bud Humphrey Race 10/6 / • CREW PARTY@ClubNed •

Cancelled.. no wind

Sleigh Ride to Block Island 10/19

Torential Rains & gusts to 60

Sailing Pictures

The motley Cru

Hang on Jeff!


The Skipper (arrrggghh, Your mother's a man!)

Ned & the other woman


(For Bozo in the Around the Island Race.)


To: Skipper of Scandia

Conanicut Yacht Club

Dear Captain,

The crew of Ruffian would like to extend our sincerest thanks to you for providing considerable amusement during the Around the Island Race last Sunday. Your antics provided us with hours of conversation and gales of laughter. We are, however, concerned for your health; social, physical and emotional.

As a Corinthian Yachtsman, a gentleman amateur in good standing, you were obligated to make a 360° turn after your spinnaker made contact with our rigging at the start. We don't really care that you failed to make this turn because we finished ahead of you. However, we are concerned that this type of behavior may impact your social standing in the yachting community. Hence our concern for you social health.

After initiating luffing matches with everyone in range on the way to Beaver tail we then witnessed you practice your primal scream therapy at the mark followed by the comment "Eat my dust". Your rebel yell bellowing impressed us to the point that we dropped everything to turn and watch you as you came by. Your face passed through shades of red and went all the way to purple and seeing this we all became very concerned for your physical health.

Although this is an effective strategy to distract us from what we were doing we would like to note the following:

• You established an overlap within two boat lengths of the mark

• You passed between us and the mark

• As overtaking boat you failed to keep clear

• You had no rights at the time because you didn't do your 360° turn due from the start.

These actions didn't really bother us since you came by so fast under all that sail that you were out of our way in a flash. We all found it a very interesting tactic to try to carry your spinnaker up wind.

Once you were underway upwind you sailed admirably, keeping right up with us, even though your rating suggested that you should have been miles ahead at that point. We wish we had more binoculars on board to see what problems you had with that sail change.

On our way home we passed you as you sailed way back in the fleet and we all expressed our concern for you emotional health and wondered how you would be able to deal with such a defeat. We regret we couldn't "Eat your dust" since it doesn't blow up wind and by the time you got headed downwind behind us, the wind was too light to blow your dust all the way down to us.

We are all extremely grateful to you for motivating us with your actions and words. We are now a very focused and motivated crew and we have you to thank.

Gratefully yours,

The Crew of Ruffian